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LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of laser projection systems for the production of composite parts for aircraft wings, rotor-wings, fuselage and tail sections.

About us

LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes.

Every year, LAP supplies 15,000 units to customers in industries as diverse as radiation therapy, steel production, and composite processing. LAP has 300 employees at 8 locations in Europe, America, and Asia and maintains a global network of partners.

In the aerospace industry, laser projection systems from LAP ensure precise positioning of composite components during manual lay-up and accelerate assembly of fuselage interiors. Aircraft manufacturers around the globe rely on our laser projection systems in order to gain safety and quality for their processes and products.

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen
Zeppelinstr. 23
21337 Lueneburg

Phone: +49 4131 9511-95
Fax: +49 4131 9511-96

Contact person

Martin Dronsek
Head of BU Industry
Phone: +49 4131 9511-250
Stefan Mahnke
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 4131 9511-392

Products and Services

Laser projection systems for composite layup and assembly; software; camera systems for process optimization and quality assurance.

DTEC-PRO camera system

Camera system for process optimization and quality assurance.

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PRO-SOFT software

Software for the projection of outlines and templates using CAD-PRO laser projectors.

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CAD-PRO laser projector

Laser projector for true to scale laser projection of outlines, templates or patterns based on CAD data

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News & Innovations

DTEC-PRO camera system: new features for process control and quality assurance

LAP adds process control and quality assurance features to the DTEC-PRO camera system for its CAD-PRO laser projection system. The new functions are available with software release PRO-SOFT 5.3.

With this latest update, LAP is giving its DTEC-PRO camera system new features. In addition to accelerated calibration assistance, these include functions like “virtual projection” and the creation and storage of live camera images in the database for quality assurance purposes. Users of LAP’s CAD-PRO laser projection system thus enjoy even higher process reliability in composite manufacturing and other production processes.

“Particularly in high-end composite manufacturing, such as in the aviation industry, DTEC-PRO offers the ideal process support as a supplement to LAP laser projection systems.

The camera system makes it possible to control and document every projection step in real time. With these expanded functions, we are once again meeting users’ high expectations for quality and process control,” says Matthias Lange, product manager for CAD-PRO laser projection systems at LAP.

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