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Broetje-Automation is the leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry. We equip your factory of the future!

About us

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry. At 23 locations worldwide, we plan and implement machines and systems for aircraft assembly and production.
Our group of companies provides all necessary solutions to equip your factory of the future. We dliver robots and machines as well as turnkey factory solutions and digital integration. With more than 40 years of field-proven expertise from large programs such as A350, B787, B777x, A320, B737, MC-21 and many more, we are the partner for higher productivity, quality and efficiency in aircraft production. Based on this experience we develop the next-generation fastening and composite manufacturing machines, joining stations and conveyor lines for innovative aircraft and engine assembly.
With production facilities in America, Europe and Asia we deliver local production with highest quality standards. Our global service teams ensure your production is running smoothly and efficient 24/7.

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Products and Services

The Broetje-Automation products cover the entire process, production and automation expertise for aircraft production. We are just as familiar with composite materials as we are with metallic and multi-material stacks. We use robotics as well as traditional machinery to automate your production.
We have implemented Cobot-solutions for aerospace-grade processes (e.g. drilling, riveting, sanding, sealing and many more). We have designed the first aerospace robot system: The PowerRACe.
To make your factory ready for the future we provide mobile systems based on our in-house universal carrier system – an autonomous guided vehicle concept designed for machine integration – a breakthrough for future lights-off factories.
We combine this knowledge for sustainably efficient, turnkey solutions for all types of aircraft. As an integrator we harmonize production processes and equipment to make highly productive assembly lines with which you can stay ahead in the world market.
PowerRACe - The Aerospace Robot

The POWER RACe (Robot Assembly Cell) is a robotic system specifically designed for the needs of the aerospace industry. The automated positioning system performs multiple high precision, high-force processes in one machine (e.g. drilling, riveting, milling).
With up to 50% reduced drill times and 40% higher overall performance, the PowerRACe is the ideal system to automate complex industrial manufacturing processes - suitable even on lower rate programs.

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STAXX flex - Automated Fiber Placement

The STAXX FLEX is a high performance automated fiber placement system for complex two- and three-dimensional parts. Its low weight of 440 kg including material enables it to be mounted on standard industrial robots of the 500kg class. The system is ideal for automated fiber placement in serial production. It supports PrePreg and Dry Fiber up to 50K per tow.
The open, modular design ensures good accessibility to all components and quick and easy maintenance without tools.

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CoBots - The next level of Human-Robot-Collaboration

Broetje-Automation‘s modular Cobot framework allows the integration of a wide range of manufacturing processes as well as configurations on mobile or stationary
Applications are focused on supporting manual workflows where full automation is not possbile. They assist workers in their daily tasks by supporting unergonomic or repetitive tasks.

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